Team Suzuki Press Office – June 20.

Swiss Team Suzuki Mayer rider Roman Stamm raced his GSX-R600 to second and fourth places at the third round of the German IDM Supersport Championship at Nürburgring at the weekend.

Stamm (pictured) claimed his first Pole Position of the year in a wet qualifying, finding the perfect chassis set-up for the Suzuki GSX-R600. By the half-way point of the wet 20-lap opening race, Stamm was head-to-head in a battle for the top three positions, eventually just losing out to Austrian David Linortner (Yamaha). In the second race on Sunday, run in contrasting hot and sunny weather, Stamm was awarded fourth after the race was red-flagged due to a multi-bike accident and team mate Jesco Gunther picked-up seventh to add to his fourth place on Saturday.

In the IDM Superbikes class, Roland Resch of Team Reitwagen Suzuki was the sole Suzuki representative after Team HPC Power Racing’s Sascha Hommel broke his collarbone in qualifying.

Resch got off to a strong start in the first race from seventh on the grid. But his hope of securing a top-10 position came to an abrupt end on first lap after a clash with Jörg Teuchert that ended with Resch needing stitches to his elbow. Resch took pain killers to take part in race two, bringing home his GSX-R1000 in 12th position after struggling with his injury.

Roman Stamm (2nd/ 4th):

“In the run up to the event we did some testing in Oschersleben which helped us a lot. In the first race I didn’t do myself any favours with my choice of tyres; with different ones I might have been able to get past David Linortner, but I’m satisfied all the same and I’ve managed to move up four places in the overall rankings.”

Jesco Günther (4th/ 7th):

“It wasn’t enough for a place on the podium this time but it is just as important that we have made progress in terms of chassis tuning. You can’t put a figure on everything but it’s certainly a step forward.”

Roland Resch (DNF/ 12th):

“I’m just so disappointed. After training I thought I had a chance of a top-eight position in the race. It could have been my best IDM weekend to date but it was quite the opposite. Jörg Teuchert should’ve stepped off the gas, he had to have seen that I was moving to the inside in front of him, otherwise I would’ve gone onto the grass. Instead he wiped me out.”

The next IDM event is scheduled to take place on June 30th- July 1st at the Red Bull Ring in Austria.

IDM Supersport:

Race 1:

1 David Linortner (A), Yamaha, 34:30.220 min.
2 Roman Stamm (CH), Suzuki, 34:34.729 min.
3 Kevin Wahr (D), Yamaha, 34:38.746 min.
4 Jesco Günther (D), Suzuki, 34:40.257 min.
5 Dominic Schmitter (CH), Yamaha, 34:47.440 min.
7 Marc Neumann (D), Suzuki, 34:52.851 min.

Race 2:

1 Daniel Sutter (CH), Kawasaki, 27:16.209 min.
2 Leon Bovee (NL), Yamaha, 27:16.769 min.
3 David Linortner (A), Yamaha, 27:17.100 min.
4 Roman Stamm (CH), Suzuki, 27:17.305 min.
5 Tatu Lausletho (FIN), Yamaha, 27:19.585 min.
7 Jesco Günther (D), Suzuki, 27:27.324 min.

Championship Points (after 6 of 16 races): 1. Sutter 89, 2. Lausletho 88, 3. Günther 78, 4. Linortner 76, 5. Wahr 72. 7. Stamm 54. 13. Walther 21. 17. Neumann 12. 25. Heide 4.

IDM Superbikes:

Race 1:

1 Michael Ranseder (A), BMW, 30:42.815 min.
2 Gareth Jones (AUS), BMW, 30:43.135 min.
3 Jörg Teuchert (D), BMW, 30:43.700 min.
4 Erwan Nigon (FRA), BMW, 30:44.241 min.
5 Ghisbert van Ginhoven (NL), BMW, 30:56.741 min. 

Race 2:

1 Michael Ranseder (A), BMW, 30:42.326 min.
2 Troy Herfoss (AUS), BMW, 30:42.740 min.
3 Gareth Jones (AUS), BMW, 30:46.288 min.
4 Erwan Nigon (FRA), BMW, 30:46.971 min.
5 Matej Smrz (CZ), Yamaha, 30:50.650 min.
12 Roland Resch (A), Suzuki, 31:25.097 min.

Championship Points (after 6 of 16 races): 1. Ranseder 106, 2. Teuchert 98, 3. Nigon 92, 4. Jones 91, 5. Smrz 81. 10. Resch 31. 13. Hommel 23.

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