Machine RM-Z450
Race Number #722
Nickname 7deucedeuce
Date of Birth 05/22/1990
Home TownLompoc
Height 6'1
Weight 105lb
Marital Status Married
Hair Colour Brown
Eye Colour Hazel
Hobbies Singing and production
Likes Music, RC cars, style, dirt bikes
Dislikes Cold sandwiches
Favourite Movie Harry Potter
Favourite Food Mexican
Favourite Circuit St. Louis SX
First Race Paso Robles fairgrounds
Racing Hero Jeremy McGrath
Greatest Moment Making my first main in Houston TX
Ambition To become the best racer I could possibly be
Facebook Adam Enticknap
Twitter AEnticknap722
YouTube 7DeuceDeuce
Instagram the722, Spotify, Apple Music, Pandora:

Race History

2020: Supercross/ Motocross
2019: Supercross
2018: Supercross
2017: Supercross
2016: Supercross
2015: Supercross
2014: Supercross
2013: Supercross
2012: Supercross
2011: Supercross
2010: Arenacross
2009: Amateur
2008: Amateur
2007: Amateur
2006: Amateur
2005: Amateur
2004: Amateur
2003: Amateur
2002: Amateur
2001: Amateur
2000: Amateur

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