Suzuki 2019 Issue 1

TEAM SUZUKI RACING news 02 2019 Issue #1 - Summer SHINICHI SAHARA BLOG In his brand new Blog, Team SUZUKI ECSTAR’s Project Leader talks about the team’s formula for success, and how the squad have come on leaps and bounds thanks to a unique way of working. “T his season we have proven that we are regular front runners, and our riders have been doing a fantastic job. But, as you know, it hasn’t always been easy for us. I joined Suzuki’s racing department at a time when we were having difficulties, but we have been able to find solutions, especially in the past year. The engineers and everybody on the team have worked very hard, they put in a lot of effort to solve the problems. I have a lot of experience and it’s true that I must lead the development, but I don’t take the credit for the improvements, because it was very much a joint effort between us all. It’s on me to choose the correct path, but we search for the different paths together. Nowadays, data from the computers is very important in terms of giving us very detailed information. And the data engineers and Crew Chiefs have a lot of input. So it’s not only the development work being carried out in the Racing Development department in Japan, but the European side of the team also have a big impact on our success. Alex Rins and Joan Mir have both been doing a really good job this year. Alex has stepped up in his role as ‘lead rider’, as we can see from his results in the first half of the season. He has managed to establish himself in the lead group at almost every race track, and celebrating the victory in Texas was something really special for all of us. Joan is learning very quickly, and we’ve been impressed with his ability to take information onboard and adapt to different circuits and circumstances. Our GSX-RR is well balanced and has somewhat ‘easy handling’ characteristics, and that has perhaps aided Joan’s progress. On the other side, it has been a bit of a challenge over the years to get a lot of horsepower out of the in-line four engine, but we’ve improved in that area too. But it’s not just about horsepower alone, we’ve also worked hard in the area of aerodynamics and of course, electronics. We’re not the biggest team in the paddock, despite being a factory squad. But we are very close knit, and we put a lot of emphasis on team-work between everyone from both Europe and Japan. It’s something that is part of our philosophy; to work closely together and have a strong bond between everyone. We don’t see the fact that we’re small as something that could impede us when it comes to going for race wins, or even fighting for a title. We think that we’re strong enough, all together, and our riders are strong too. We’re missing just a few small things to be able to fight consistently for a crown. It’s important to set targets and work towards them all together, every time we reach a target, we set a new one.” “Alex has stepped up in his role as ‘lead rider’, as we can see from his results in the first half of the season” “We are very close knit”